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Author : Daniel Fingas

Daniel Fingas

Daniel Fingas is Technical Engineering Manager at Corrosion Service Company Limited. He started with Corrosion Service in 2010 after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors in Engineering Science in 2006 and a Masters in Electrical Engineering in 2009. Daniel has been involved with a wide variety of corrosion control and investigations tasks, and has a special interest in ECDA, HDD testing and stray current testing. He is a NACE certified Cathodic Protection Specialist and a Professional Engineer.

Published : April 17, 2018

Recent close-interval potential surveys have raised concerns about the accuracy of potential measurements on some older pipelines. Two significant sources of error were identified: metallic IR-drops and equalization currents. These resulted in measured on and off potentials which differed by hundreds of millivolts from the […]

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Published : March 27, 2017

In recent years, effective techniques have been developed for conducting integrity assessments along cross-country pipelines.  In order to provide similar confidence in facility integrity, it was proposed to apply a modified external corrosion direct assessment process to a small station.  Until now, congested facility environments […]

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Published : March 29, 2017

The quality of the indirect inspection data is a critical factor in conducting a successful ECDA. It is therefore essential to increase the accuracy of the field data collection, to improve the data processing and to effectively present the results. This paper describes several challenges […]

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Published : March 16, 2015

When installing pipelines in rocky areas, additional mechanical safeguards may be necessary to protect the coating. These safeguards may take the form of intermittent supports which elevate the pipeline off the trench bottom. As such supports are non-metallic and are installed directly against the pipeline […]

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