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APS Isolation Gaskets

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The Integra SSA®

Cathodic Isolation Gasket is manufactured from proprietary G-FORCE 2000®, a special glass epoxy material with an impressively high compression strength.This exclusive gasket has an excellent mechanical strength as well as dynamic electrical isolating properties allowing it to perform efficiently and effectively in severe service applications under extreme pressures and elevated temperatures.

Integra SSA® gaskets provide an outstanding sealing capability while installed in extremely high pressure applications. It can be installed in flanges from ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500# up to an API 10,000# flange.

Integra SSA® gaskets have excellent electrical properties while at elevated temperatures. During mechanical operations, Integra SSA® gaskets can operate at 374 °F.

The Integra II SSA®

(severe service application Stainless/Steel) Gasket is an exceptionally dependable gasket used for both isolating and general sealing purposes in severe service applications.
This gasket has been developed as an inimitable and effective seal for sealing flanges in which the opportunity for leakage must be held at zero allowance.
The Integra II SSA® Gasket is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 15,000# classes. The Integra II SSA® Gasket was exclusively designed for severe isolating service in harsh environmental applications especially where hydrocarbons are a factor.
The Integra II SSA® Gasket consists of a PTFE spring-energized face seal, seated in a highly compressed isolating glass laminate affixed to a concentrated stainless steel metal core. Because of its all-composite exclusive construction and its exceptional pressure-activated sealing properties, the gasket requires far less bolt stress to seal than most standard isolating gaskets in the industry.
The Integra II SSA® Gasket’s inner diameter is machined to match the exact flange bore dimension specified by the customer to eradicate the possibility of turbulent flow and inner flange face corrosion. This gasket is engineered to be reusable with a replaceable sealing element.

To Order Please Specify the Following

1. Flange Specification

(ANSI/ASME, API, MSS SP44, BSI or Din Standard)

2. Nominal Pipe Size, Pressure Rating and Bore Size

3. Operating Pressure, Temperature and Media

4. Isolating Sleeve Material

5. Isolating Washer Material

6. Metal Washer Material (SS/Zinc Steel)


Integra SSA Data Sheet
Integra II SSA Data Sheet
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