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CSCL Dac-Anode Conductive Coatings

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Aging concrete infrastructure, and its degradation, is unfortunately accepted as inevitable across the modern world. Spalling and cracking of the concrete surface due to corrosion is common, and while the financial impact of repairs is indeed staggering, the devastating societal impact of a failure should be foremost in the minds of owners and operators.

Conventional repair techniques address only the symptoms of the problem (spalling and cracking), not the root cause (corrosion). This results in a spiraling repair/degradation cycle, and when the root cause is finally addressed, conventional corrosion prevention systems prove to be costly and destructive to implement.


Dac-Anode® is the original non-destructive corrosion prevention solution for steel reinforced concrete. Dac-Anode® has decades of proven service throughout the world, and provides existing structures with a new lease of life, at minimal cost to owners and operators. Dac-Anode® forms the anode component of a cathodic protection system, which is designed to distribute corrosion halting current to steel reinforcement. However, Dac-Anode® is unique because it comes as a single component coating rather than an expensive alloy mesh. This means that Dac-Anode® can be applied to the surface of the concrete, rather than needing to be embedded like legacy anode systems, saving time and money while still providing the same level of protection.


Dac-Anode® is manufactured by Corrosion Service in Canada. Our dedicated product representatives are fully trained in its use, and are available to answer any questions or provide demonstrations on request. Our dedicated materials supply team holds stock and spare parts at our dedicated distribution hubs and are capable of meeting any sales request throughout North America.


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