Cathodic Protection
Marine Structures

Cathodic Protection – Longevity in the harshest environment

Marine structures exist in the harshest most corrosive environment on the globe. The added pressure of such a hazardous environment makes the need to reliably prevent corrosion critical to operation. Corrosion Service has decades of experience in preventing marine corrosion and provides corrosion prevention design, engineering, supply and field services to the marine industry in Canada and the United States of America.

Cathodic protection is the most common electrochemical technique used to prevent external corrosion on submerged marine structures. Protection is accomplished by applying a direct current to the surface of the metal, which causes the electrochemical potential of the structure to shift from a corroding state to a polarized and non-corroding state.

Our team and the services that we offer

All marine systems are different, and whether the project is new build, rehabilitation, or routine maintenance, our talented team of industry professionals is empowered to understand the unique characteristics of every enquiry. This is important because as an organization, Corrosion Service strives to provide the extremely high level of support and partnership necessary in order to create the customized solutions that our clients require on a daily basis.

Branch offices are strategically located on the east and west coasts of North America and are the primary line of contact for marine clients. Each branch office is designed to provide front line engineering expertise, project management support and onsite services in collaboration with our Toronto engineering hub that provides high level engineering and design services. Team members are highly trained, with engineering staff certified at various levels by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International.


Our cathodic protection field services include:

  • Anode Installation
  • Annual Surveys
  • Remote Monitoring
  • System Audits
  • System Maintenance

Material Procurement

Our materials supply team has access to provide a full-range of cathodic protection materials both manufactured in-house and sourced from partner suppliers. Our dedicated supply chain team is based in Toronto alongside our dedicated material distribution hub, which is capable of delivering materials throughout the world on short notice.

Since our founding in 1950, we have built an extensive portfolio of specialist products for the corrosion prevention industry, both manufactured in-house and sourced from external partners.