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An essential element of a cathodic protection survey is the IR-free potential measurement. Whether you are working in a complex refinery or on a pipeline system, reliable synchronous current interruption of all affecting rectifiers is critical.

With inexpensive fixed program GPS synchronized current interrupters from Corrosion Service, successful installation and operation is assured. These competitively priced units provide up to 10 different interruption cycles. Cycles are selectable using a thumbwheel switch to ensure setup accuracy and eliminate the need for programming.

Connections are provided for interruption of D.C. up to 50 amps / 100 volts or A.C. up to 15 amps / 240 volts. Custom cable and connection types are available by special order.

The current interrupter is powered by an internal 6 volt battery or an external 12 volt DC supply. Charging can be accomplished using the wall power adapter, or a car charger adapter.

Product Specifications:
Molded HPX high performance resin
9.5” x 7.5” x 7.25”
(240mm x 190mm x 185mm)
Weight 12.5 lb (5.7 kg)
50 amps D.C. at up to 100 volts D.C.
15 amps A.C. at up to 240 volts D.C.
10 position selector switch.
Programs user defined at manufacture with .5 second resolution.
Internal Lead Acid battery.
External charger (120 or 240 VAC).
Cable Length: 1.6 metres
Connection Type: Alligator clip
Connections are provided for the DC current interruption cables, the GPS antenna, the battery charge input, and the AC current interruption cable.
Simplified front panel operation includes status display, thumbwheel switch for program selection and on/off switch.
Each current interrupter includes:
  • 120VAC or 240VAC wall plug charger with 1.5 metre cable
  • 2 each 1.5 metre long DC current interruption cables with alligator clips
  • 1 each 1.5 metre long AC current interruption cable with alligator clips
  • External GPS antenna with 5 metre long cable
List price is $2325 CAD price subject to change without notice.

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